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Prices in pounds sterling (£)

Rent for the property per night (unless otherwise stated)
nights ofsingle/couple3 persons4 persons5 persons6 persons 
 1 Bedr'm2 Bedr'ms2 Bedr'ms3 Bedr'ms2 Bedr'ms3 Bedr'ms3 Bedr'ms3 Bedr'msMinimum Stay
13 April to 26 April£70.00£75.00£75.00£80.00£80.00£85.00£85.00£90.005 nights
27 April to 17 May£60.00£65.00£65.00£70.00£70.00£75.00£75.00£80.005 nights
18 May to 14 June£70.00£75.00£75.00£80.00£80.00£85.00£85.00£90.005 nights
15 June to 12 July£75.00£80.00£80.00£85.00£85.00£90.00£90.00£95.007 nights
13 July to 23 August£80.00£86.00£86.00£92.00£92.00£98.00£98.00£104.007 nights
24 August to 6 September£75.00£80.00£80.00£85.00£85.00£90.00£90.00£95.005 nights
7 September to 27 September£70.00£75.00£75.00£80.00£80.00£85.00£85.00£90.005 nights
28 September to 1 November£65.00£70.00£70.00£75.00£75.00£80.00£80.00£85.005 nights
nights ofsingle/couple3 persons4 persons5 persons6 persons 
 1 Bedr'm2 Bedr'ms2 Bedr'ms3 Bedr'ms2 Bedr'ms3 Bedr'ms3 Bedr'ms3 Bedr'msMinimum Stay
18 April to 8 May£65.00£71.00£71.00£77.00£77.00£83.00£83.00£89.005 nights
9 May to 29 May£71.00£77.00£77.00£83.00£83.00£89.00£89.00£95.005 nights
30 May to 10 July£76.00£82.00£82.00£88.00£88.00£94.00£94.00£100.005 nights
11 July to 21 August£80.00£86.00£86.00£92.00£92.00£98.00£98.00£104.005 nights
22 August to 11 September£76.00£82.00£82.00£88.00£88.00£94.00£94.00£100.005 nights
12 September to 25 September£71.00£77.00£77.00£83.00£83.00£89.00£89.00£95.005 nights
26 September to 30 October£65.00£71.00£71.00£77.00£77.00£83.00£83.00£89.005 nights
Refundable Deposit against breakages and extras£150.00
  • Rental outside the periods shown above by special arrangement only with charges subject to agreement.
  • The above prices do not include for any supplimentary fees or charges made by Homeaway.co.uk, AirBnB.com or other such portals which may be incurred if a booking is made through one of them.
  • The charges in the table for "single/couple" in 1 Bedroom are on the basis that the top floor of the house will be unoccupied and not used during the rental period.
  • The above prices include for wood for the wood-burning stove & fireplace; and also the use of the gas-fired room heaters during the winter months in 2019 after 21 September 2019, and in 2020 before 30 May and after 12 September. Outside this period use of the gas-fired heaters is by arrangement only, and is charged in addition in arrears according to room occupancy and use, with deductions taken from the Refundable Deposit.(£12+£3 per bedroom per night). We reserve the right to increase the Refundable Deposit for larger parties staying longer than 1 week in Spring or Autumn, to cover possible heating costs.
  • Special offer rates are not available in conjunction with any other discount
  • Maximum rental party size: 6 persons
  • Unless otherwise agreed rentals run for a maximum of three weeks. In low and mid season, we will generally accept midweek to midweek bookings
  • Unless otherwise specifically agreed, the rental period is from 4pm on the day of arrival to 10am on the day of departure.
  • Casa Capella is priced in GBP and administered from the UK. All payments to be made in advance, & in GBP unless otherwise stated.
  • Credit/debit card payments may only be made by arrangement through bookings made through the Homeaway (& their partners') portal, and through our listing on Airbnb. In this event all rental rates will be as quoted on these sites; and subject to their fees, and their booking Terms and Conditions.
  • All payments from/to outside UK to be by interbank transfer and will be subject to you meeting all associated bank charges both for payments to us and for refunds to you. Between £20 and £35 will be deducted by us from the refunded Deposit if we are to send it outside the UK (to cover bank transfer charges here).
  • We reserve the right to require all payments to be made using the same means.
  • By arrangement, payments from within the Eurozone may be in euro (EUR) at exchange rates at the time the funds are actually received, as recorded by Oanda as the average interbank bid rate less 2.5% for converting EUR into GBP on the day the payment is received into our account. (for an example see https://www.oanda.com/fx-for-business/historical-rates). Exchange rates given by us before receipt are provisional, and any adjustment required will be made either when a further payment is required and/or at the time of the return of the refundable breakages deposit following the rental. Refundable deposits received in EUR by interbank transfer will be returned in EUR at the same rate as received.
  • Payments made within the UK may also be by cheque drawn on a British bank, or by interbank transfer using BACS or Faster Payments. Please make cheques payable to N.C. & C.M. Eager, and ensure we receive them 4 days prior to the payment's due date
  • A telephone is provided free for incoming calls, for local outgoing calls, for calls to us or on our behalf, but otherwise only for your use with pre-paid telephone chargecards. Please advise if you prefer not to have the telephone.
  • Please also refer to our General Information, Terms & Conditions, which gives further details regarding the property, our terms, and to how to book.

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